52% van MySpace gebruikers ouder dan 35

MySpace is meer dan een online hangplek voor jongeren. Volgens een artikel met de oprichters in Fortune, is 87% van de 100-miljoen gebruikers 18 of ouder en 52% ouder dan 35.

Hoe ziet mede-oprichter en brein achter MySpace DeWolfe de toekomst van MySpace?

myspace“I see it as a “lifestyle brand.” But a brand has to stand for something. And with all the growth and evolution of the site, it’s hard to fathom what that lifestyle even is. Might MySpace become too big and broad and successful to be cool?

One MySpace observer, Martin Sorrell, who heads ad giant WPP, believes it could: “MySpace could be like a fashion brand. The more successful you get, the more common you become.” DeWolfe disagrees: “We’re not deciding what’s cool. Our users are,” he says. “MySpace is all about letting people be what they want to be.”

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